Company History

For over 65 years, we have been a significant player in the transportation industry. Since our establishment, we have embarked on a vision of providing the best service to our customers in the fields of sea, land, and air transportation. The small steps we took in the beginning have transformed into a vast global network today. With our experience and expert team, we are shaping the future of transportation by growing and evolving every day. Together with our valued customers, we are determined to maintain our leadership in the transportation industry as Hatay Logistics.

  • 1965

    Starting with a Small Service

    The foundation of Hatay Logistics was laid with a small yet visionary service. We embarked on this journey with limited resources but grand ambitions. This humble beginning laid the groundwork for future growth.

  • 1967

    First Hires

    With the addition of new hires, the Hatay Logistics family started to expand. Alongside the first talented teams we brought on board, we began to make a difference in the industry. Our professional team provided the vision and experience necessary to propel the company's success even further.

  • 1975

    Becoming a Big Company

    Our company rapidly grew and began to play a significant role in the industry. We earned trust through our commitment to high-quality services and customer-centric approach. Our investments, combined with a focused approach to technology and human resources, allowed us to provide more comprehensive and effective transportation solutions to our customers.

  • 1987

    Becoming Global

    We have become a global player, transcending national boundaries. As we proudly transport our cargo worldwide, we strengthen our leadership role in international transportation. While expanding to different geographies, we make efforts to understand local cultures and establish collaborations. This global expansion is a reflection of our goal to provide our customers with broader and more comprehensive services.

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